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Kit Ingredients: Decadent hand-dyed wool roving
2 Felting needles
Core Fiber
Illustrated Instructions

*all supplies*
Our Signature Bestseller! ----> Decadent Fibers Needle Felted Pumpkins kit <---- Our Signature Bestseller!
  Decadent Pumpkins
Needle Felting Kit
decadent fibers indian corn needle felting kit needle felted sunflowers decadent fibers needle felted pumpkin kit
Decadent Indian Corn Decadent Sunflowers Baby Boos
decadent fibers pumkins ready to go Decadent Fibers Large Felted Pumpkin Ready to Go
pumpkins ready to go decadent fibers needle felted pumpkins
Medium Felted Pumpkins
Ready to Go!
$25 each

Don't want to do the felting yourself? We have some pumpkins already made for you!

Medium Felted Pumpkins
Ready to Go!
$25 each
Decadent Dots Penny Candy Gourmet Jelly Rolls
decadent fibers needle felted snowman kit Click here to see more, and to buy.
Decadent Snowman Decadent Sugared Pears Gingerbread Men
Make sure you have a nice selection of Decadent Fibers hand dyed merino fiber colors to complete your most ambitious projects! happy felt penguin needle felting kit For those of you who needlefelt contantly, we happily dye our Spun Sugar and Jelly Rolls
in any color you wish.
  Happy Felt 2  

Decadent Heart Bouquet Kit

Show your friends and family you love them
by needle felting hearts using
Decadent Fibers' Heart Kit

needle felted chick decadent fibers
needle felted eggs decadent fibers
needle felting party kit decadent fibers
Heart Felt Bouquet Combination Chicks and Eggs Kit Egg-Ceptional Easter Egg Kit
needle felted bunny decadent fibers decadent fibers sugared eggs needle felting kit. needle felted baby blocks
Cotton Tail Kit Sugared Egg Kit Baby Blocks
decadent dots hand dyed merino fiber for needle felting

decadent fibers hand dyed merino roving for needle felting

decadent fibers hand dyed wool roving and yarn
Decadent Dots Penny Candy Gourmet Jelly Rolls

Felting is an ancient art, but needle felting is the newest phenomenon and is it ever catching on in the needle arts world.   It is a creative process that appears magical using just a few simple tools, instructions and your creativity. 

As you jab your felting needle down through the wool fibers, the barbs on the needle grab onto the fibers, entangling and interlocking them, felting them down permanently.  Unlike wet felting, which uses soap, water, and lots of agitation, this dry felting technique uses only the needle.   Use many short fast jabs and remember the angle at which you pierce the fibers is the angle at which they will felt.  The longer you jab, the denser the felt.  You will be amazed at your creative ability and the magic of the dry felt technique!  You are actually sculpting the fiber using the felting needle.


Decadent Fibers Spun Sugar Hand Dyed Wool Roving
Jelly Rolls   Spun Sugar

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