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Decadent Fibers Decadent Dots Merino Roving for Needle Felting


Decadent Dots ~ A Great Way to Embellish! Wonderful for needle felting and nuno felting!!
Merino wool hand dyed fiber

hand dyed merino roving

Choose Your Decadent Dots(10 colors each): 
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Original Decadent Dots: Chartreuse, blue, purple, white, black, orange, red, rose, teal and gold.

January: "New England Snowstorm": 3 whites, ice blues, silver grey, pine greens, silver light grey-green, avocado green, brown, black

February: "Tropical Getaway": Green, blue-greens, brill blues, 2 whites, teal, sand, lavender, turquoise, and ice blue

March: "Irish Shamrock": Brown, gold, kelly green,  2 shamrock green, evergreen, white, chartreuse and teal

April: "Awakening": Violet, purple, gold, garnet, green, orchid, white, green, brown, pink

May: "Summer Garden": Pink, rose, apricot, lavender, daffodil yellow, peach, green, white, peach

June: "Lakeside": Pale blue, brill blue, evergreen, brown, sand, teal, avocado greens, grass green, navy blue, white

July: "Fourth of July": Firecracker red, flag red, brilliant red, national blue, navy, brill blue, glorious gold, 3 cloud white

August: "Backyard Splendor": Avocado green, evergreen, moss, ice blue, brill blue, gold, lemon yellow, white, brill red, white

September : "Fall Foliage": Golden brown, rust, Egyptian red, brill red, white, evergreen, avocado green, chartreuse, gold, burnt orange

October: "Trick or Treat": burnt orange, bright orange, pumpkin orange, black, evergreen, Aztec gold, golden brown, rust, moss green, red

November: "Thanksgiving Harvest": Egyptian red, brill red, burnt oragne, pumpkin oragne, evergreen, moss green, golden brown, rust, dark brown, gold

December: "Happy Holidays": 2 brill red, Egyptian red, brill blue, gold, black, evergreen, moss green, white, brown

Choose Your Decadent Dots(10 colors each): 


Decadent Fibers Decadent Dots Merino Roving for Needle Felting