Gourmet Spun Sugar

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custom hand dyed merino roving custom dyed merino roving
spinning merino fiber
Professional felter Stacy Polson writes "I love your wool.  My needle-felted pieces are made almost exclusively from your JELLY ROLLS.  Sometimes I use just a tiny pinch of color and other times I'll peel off big, sheer sheets.  There's no match when it comes to richness of color and ease of application.  I'll be teaching classes starting in March and I'll be recommending them as a "must have" to all my students.  I rely almost entirely on your wool, and I seriously don't know what I'd do without you!"

The 100% Merino Wool fiber we have selected for ourDecadent Fibers Jelly Rolls, Spun Sugar, and other specialties, is selected for its superior quality, and processed in the USA to our specifications. 
As fiber artists, we demand the very best fibers for our customers. 
Ours is NOT a commercial fiber. 

Dyed in our extraordinary colors, a natural merino fiber that felts fast!
It spins like a dream, and suits every fiber artist's needs.
Please let us know your specific color choice and we can dye it for you at no extra charge!

Gourmet Spun Sugar
$40 each (undyed $35--see below)

One Pound USA Processed and Custom Dyed
100% Merino Wool

Pick a color combo from our Decadent Colorway list, or better yet, specify  your favorite color
choices in your shopping cart!

spun sugar custom hand dyed wool

Gourmet Spun Sugar