Penny Candy

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Penny Candy

hand dyed merino roving

Penny Candy


The 100% Merino Wool fiber we have selected for ourDecadent Fibers Jelly Rolls, Spun Sugar, and other specialties,
is selected for its superior quality, and processed in the USA to our specifications.  As fiber artists, we demand the very best fibers for our customers.  Ours is NOT a commercial fiber. 

Dyed in our extraordinary colors, a natural merino fiber that felts fast!
It spins like a dream, and suits every fiber artist's needs.

A delicious assortment of our flavorful hand-dyed
100% USA processed Merino Wool roving
 that everyone is raving about.  
Two balls each of 34 -plus different colors !
(Beware of Imitations!)
Our Penny Candy is not sold by weight. It's 68 balls of colored hand dyed wool.
Our fiber is  exceptionally good for needle felting, wet felting or spinning.  We developed this original Penny Candy idea
for the needle felter who needs plenty of different colors, but not a lot of fiber. A unique combination and a wonderful
gift for the fiberholic.   You'll feel like a kid in a candy store once you experience our Penny Candy fiber.